What is Kokolokahi?

What is Kokolokahi?

Do you love aromatherapy massage? Then you’re in for a real treat…

We are thrilled to offer a new bespoke aromatherapy massage at Grafton Spa. Introducing Kokolokahi. Pronounced ‘koko-lo-car-he’, the tongue-twister of a name originates from ‘koko’ or coconut – referring to the rich coconut oil base found in all the sensuous oils and also the Hawaiian word for harmony or ‘lokahi’. These luxurious massage oils are a collection of the purest ingredients based on the 5 elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Spirit. These 5 elements represent our human needs and desires, depending on our mood or emotion and are designed to boost inner peace and a sense of wellbeing. In addition, the coconut, argan and shea oil found in the super blend of oils will leave your skin luxuriously hydrated and deeply conditioned.

The idea behind the cocktail of essential oils is for our therapists to offer a specific massage tailored to how you are feeling and any mental or physical issues you may be experiencing. We will ask you the following questions before your appointment to ensure our experienced therapists choose the right oil blend for you and apply the desired pressure.

  • What are you looking for from your treatment today?
  • What would be your perfect massage?
  • How are you feeling today? How would you like to feel after the treatment?
  • Which areas do you feel that you would like me to concentrate on?
  • Are there any areas you would like me to avoid?

The aim of asking these questions is to ensure you leave our spa feeling wonderfully relaxed from head-to-toe and have gained a stillness and tranquillity, which so many of us need in our busy lives.


So, how do you feel in yourself today? Do you need to restore some calm, or perhaps elevate your senses? From the list below, pick the blend you feel would benefit you and how you’re feeling today:


  • STRENGTH. Fire element – Enhance Your Wellbeing. The red bottle contains ingredients including patchouli, frangipani and sandalwood to strengthen, refresh and uplift.


  • REVIVE. Air element – Elevate Your Aura. The grey bottle and includes geranium, grapefruit and lavender to revive and energise.


  • BALANCE. Earth element – Ground Your Mind. Within the brown bottle you will discover a blend created to sooth, nourish ground and hydrate with the help of vitamin E, among other active ingredients


  • SERENITY. Water element – Calm Your Inner Peace. In the blue bottle discover rosewood, bergamot to release physical and psychological tension, and help create calm and serenity.


  • HARMONY. Spirit element – Warm Your Soul. The eye-catching orange bottle contains an oil blend which aims to contribute to harmony and happiness, drawing on ingredients that include ylang-ylang, neroli oil, juniper and jasmine.


Call us today to book your new favourite aromatherapy massage, on 01327 810206.