Things to do before baby arrives

Things to do before baby arrives

Is it just us or are there so many beautiful pregnant ladies around town at the moment? As the saying goes, “there must be something in the water…” in Potterspury!

With the abundance of glowing femmes visiting our spa, it got us thinking about what it was like – before children – the time and freedom we had to indulge our pastimes and look after ourselves before the arrival of baby No.1. The lead up to labour is full of midwife appointments, confusing paperwork and the longing to see the squirming bundle inside our tummies, so it’s important to use your time wisely to prepare mentally and physically for the joys and tears of motherhood (FYI – nothing can really prepare you!).  If you have just started your maternity leave and are thinking ‘what now?’ then we have compiled a list of things to do before you finally get to meet the amazing little creature that’s been growing inside you for so long…

Go on holiday

Nothing beats a much needed hit of vitamin D like a holiday abroad to warmer climates. Use this time to connect with your partner as embarking on the journey to parenthood can be a bumpy one (no pun intended!). We spoke to Jess and Lauren from The Mum Club –  “We would both say, if you can get away and get some sun, do it! Leave work and chores at home and get away with your partner for some quality time together before baby arrives”.

Enjoy retail therapy

When you are in the throes of parenthood, you will learn that online shopping is your saviour. Who wants to trapes around the mall with a hungry baby and try on clothes in cramped changing rooms? Well, these are the things you can enjoy, pre-baby time. Make a day of it, hit all your favourite shops and meet up with friends for lunch.

Pamper yourself

If you’re in your third trimester, the chances are you’re feeling a bit sore and fed up. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your lower back and shoulders, not to mention legs and feet!  We recommend you put your feet up – enjoy a special ‘reflexology for pregnancy’ massage and indulge yourself in our signature ‘lava mama’ shell massage to ease your aches and pains. Enjoy a luxurious pedicure before your due date as painting your toe nails can be tricky whilst navigating around your baby bump! Mum’s Jess and Lauren from The Mum Club also recommend “if you can’t get away book a spa day. Get pampered, feel refreshed. So many spas now cater for mums to be with amazing packages it’s well worth a trip and what better time to pamper than when your body is going through so many changes. It is easy to avoid dinners and days out when you’re tired from growing a little human but we couldn’t urge you enough. No matter what anyone says, there will be plenty of time for rest after baby arrives. We promise!”

Enjoy your baby shower

Drop a hint to your friends that you’d like an indulgent spa baby shower. We can take care of the rest so you and your best girl pals and enjoy prosecco (or orange juice for you!), treatments and a soak in our hydrotherapy pool. Our pool is perfectly safe for pregnancy, as long as we have prior notice, we can set the temperature just right for you and your bump.

Are you expecting this month? We’d love to hear all about you and your little pumpkin! If you’d be interested in any of our treatments, or maybe you’re organising a baby shower for your best friend, give us a call to talk about your requirements. Our number is 01327 810206