How To Prepare For The Party Season

How To Prepare For The Party Season

Before you know it, your diary will be filled with invitations to office Christmas parties, school fundraisers and your partners’ work do – not to mention Christmas catch ups with your nearest and dearest, and we all have that one friend who has a birthday just before Christmas! With so many celebrations in your social calendar between November and December, it’s important to keep on top of a good diet and your skin, nail and hair care. Here are some top tips for making it through the party season. You can do this!

Prep healthy food for the fridge

With Christmas dinners on the menu between now and January, its likely you’re going to feel quite bloated and drink a little over the recommended number of units this festive season. Keep your fridge stocked up with nutritious and replenishing foods to whip up quick hangover-busting meals. Nut butter on wholemeal toast is the perfect midnight snack and a hydrating super green smoothie with kiwi, apple, spinach and fresh lime juice will rehydrate you after an evening of excess.

Do yoga – for sleep and digestion

Yoga is not only key to core strength and flexibility – it can aid a restful night’s sleep and keep your digestive system in tip top condition. The likelihood is your jam-packed social calendar will affect your much needed 8 hours of sleep a night – so when you get a chance, try these yoga poses which will help if you’re tired and feeling sluggish:

  • Apanasana – knees hugged to your chest
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana – bridge pose
  • Paschimottanasana – seated forward bend pose


Book your nail appointments ahead

With your many outfits and accessories sorted for the various dates in the diary, you need to consider a nail colour which matches or compliments your dress. Play it safe with a nude tone or go bold with an jewel-hue like ruby red or a stormy midnight blue. To avoid disappointment, be sure to book your favourite therapist ahead. Did you know you can book appointments online? You can book your GELeration manicure here

Tan on a Thursday

With a mild winter forecast this year, you can definitely get away with bare legs for your next party. Feeling a bit pale? A spray tan can give you an instant, natural glow – like you’ve just stepped off the beach for some winter sun. We recommend you book your spray tan on a Thursday. This gives you time to moisturise and lock in the pigments on Friday and be a golden goddess on Saturday! We offer £5 off sunless tanning treatments at Grafton Spa, you can book online here.

Book your root touch-up and trim

The last thing you want to is look back at pictures of yourself from your staff Christmas party and wish you had had your roots done before. With any colour treatment at our Just4U salon, we can add a deeply hydrating moisture mask which will keep your hair glossy and manageable all season. Avoid unsightly split ends with a trim from your favourite stylist.

Have you considered an alternative Christmas party at our spa? Sidestep yet another turkey dinner and book your team in for a truly indulgent, candle-lit evening with prosecco, treatments and giggles in our hydrotherapy pool. Prices start from only £30 per person. Want to find out more? Call us today on 01327 810206 or send us a message on Facebook.