Launch Party for NEW Plasma Lift Facial Join us for the Plasma Lift Launch and demonstration evening at our welcoming spa. We will be performing three demonstrations over the course of the afternoon starting at 4pm and will be here answering questions and showing case studies all evening. If you suffer from any of the following; then this is the treatment for YOU! •Sagging skin on the jowl. •Drooping eyelids. •Wrinkles around the mouth. •Sun damage on face, neck & decolletage. •Fine lines & deeper wrinkles. •Large, open pores. •Acne scarring. •Active acne. Do you want to change the way your skin looks? Well now you can, either with a short course of treatments or just ONE Plasma Lift, we can achieve just that. If you are wondering how Plasma Lift achieves all of this, we can show you how on Tuesday 29th October. 4pm-7pm The Crystal Clear Plasma Lift brings nitrogen plasma technology exclusively to Grafton Spa this autumn. It’s the only treatment that has a proven record of generating new skin – with results and improvements for up to a year after the initial treatment. Want to know more? Book in for a consultation at your convenience and we will show you how x

Launch Party for NEW Plasma Lift Facial