The Grafton Spa’s secret to healthy, beautiful nails

The Grafton Spa’s secret to healthy, beautiful nails

Do you shy away from showing off your hands and feet? Perhaps your nails are failing to grow – do you suffer from flaked, weak and brittle nails? If you answer yes then we think you need a nail MOT!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a manicure or pedicure which chips and flakes after a few days, it’s a common complaint we hear at the spa and so we thought we’d let you in on our spa secrets to healthy, beautiful nails:

Stop biting

It may seem obvious but many of our clients do it without even realising! Nibbling jagged edges when you don’t have a file at hand can cause lasting damage so always keep a nail tool kit close by – put one in your make up bag for nail emergencies.

Wear gloves

Harsh detergents, pressure and friction from cleaning your kitchen and bathroom can wreak havoc with your poor nails – don your favourite rubber gloves to keep them protected – seek out fleece lined ones to keep your nails toasty dry. In the winter, be sure to protect your hands from the harsh cold with soft gloves.

Keep your nails dry

Nails are very porous so give them a chance to dry thoroughly before putting on gloves, socks and shoes after bathing. This will prevent damage and also unsightly bacterial infections.

Treat your nails regularly

See your regular manicure and pedicure as your monthly nail ‘service’. A lot like replacing damaged spark plugs and changing the oil on your car – your therapist can maintain and remedy any nail issues you have and ensure your nails stay in tip top condition with a Jessica manicure and pedicure.

Eat your greens

Nutrient-rich food which is packed full of vitamin E is key to long lasting nail health – almonds, spinach, avocado and sweet potato are all (yummy) ingredients you can include in your weekly dinners to fight brittle nails. Drinking plenty of water will boost nail strength also.

Don’t forget your cuticles

Massaging your cuticles daily with a moisture-rich formula will promote healthy nail growth – massage increases blood flow to the area which is important for strong nails. We love Jessica Phenomin oil at the spa, it not only smells delicious, it keeps our manicures and pedicures lasting longer! Massage into each cuticle before bed as part of your night time beauty routine and wake up to baby-soft hands every morning.

Remember, your nails are not tools

It can be tempting to pick packing tape of your recent delivery of goodies with your nails, or remove pesky labels from the bottom of your brand new shoes – this is a big no-no. Your nails are not to be used as tools – use a blunt knife to do the hard work for you and keep your nails safe from damage.

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