Four Steps To Beautiful Skin – Introducing The New COMCIT Facial

Four Steps To Beautiful Skin – Introducing The New COMCIT Facial

If you’re an avid follower of beauty bloggers and up-to-date with industry news then you’ll be aware of the new facial taking the skincare world by storm – Crystal Clear COMCIT. We’re so pleased the geniuses at Crystal Clear have created such an innovative facial delivery system – and shortened the name to an easy acronym! COMCIT, also known as ‘Cryo-Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy’ is an anti-ageing skincare facial made up of 4 processes in one effective treatment. Each process is key to rejuvenating the skin and most importantly, boosting collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the elasticity and appearance of your skin. The COMCIT facial is recommended for those wishing to tighten and brighten their skin but also to those considering injectables such as botox and fillers. We believe this facial – applied regularly –will eliminate the need for these invasive skincare solutions.

The facial takes around 60 minutes to complete – here are the 4 processes you will experience when you book in to your COMCIT facial:

Step 1: Following make up removal and a relaxing deep cleanse and light exfoliation, our therapist will ‘freeze’ your skin using a handheld device emitting a freezing jet of oxygen-rich air. This cyro-oxygen is applied to stimulate the skin, open your pores and also ensure the following steps are performed painlessly.

Step 2: Pain-free micro-channels (also known as micro-needles) are rolled over skin to start the skin healing process. This process boosts the production of collagen and elastin, your anti-ageing best friends! As these tiny channels are being formed on the surface of your skin, a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and plant-based stem cells are sprayed deep into the skin. These active ingredients simultaneously boost collagen growth, deeply moisturise and speed up the skin cell renewal process.

Step 3: Much like step one, a jet of oxygen-rich air is applied in sweeping movements over your face and neck to plump and push down the active ingredients deep into the layers of the dermis and epidermis, the location new skin cells are formed.

Step 4: A firming face mask is applied to the face and neck which will be left to set for around 10 minutes. During this time, you will feel tingling as the mask locks in the key ingredients. This is peeled off to reveal tighter, brighter and rejuvenated skin.

Here’s what the press are saying about this new facial delivering system:

Daily Mail – “…after only one treatment, my skin does appear more hydrated and considerably more radiant. I’d definitely recommend it.”

Tatler – “Cold oxygen rapidly cools and invigorates, boosting collagen production…”

Good Housekeeping – “…face and neck felt smoother, jawline firmer, and lines around mouth and eyes were minimised.”

OK! Magazine – “…the frown between my eyes disappeared.”

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